Projects and other stuff

I had the good fortune of working on a TV/Radio/Web advertisement with Compass Digital Media. It was done for Qualico Homes' planned community of Ridgewood West in Winnipeg, Canada.

The ads aired on local CBC TV and Radio, and during Winnipeg Jets games.

Yet another Supa Strikas episode. This time, I'm a "Brand Ambassador" (Brand Ambassador #2, to be specific).

In the episode, I'm chasing Shakes, trying to get him to see some very… targeted marketing.

You can watch the whole episode here.

I did a few characters in this one, including the first guy in the cleanup crew and a couple of fans.

If you see a "main" character in the clip, it's just for context.

You can watch the whole episode here.

I like to think of this appearance as the Milkshake Mascot as "short and sweet". 😁

Supa Strikas again. I got to be a snarky concierge in this episode, the first character for which I got to do multiple lines.

Watch as I get snarky about wake-up calls, room service, and… well… everything! BASK IN MY SNARK!!

Watch the whole episode here.

NOTE: El Matador's dialogue is included for context.

This is my first appearance as a distinct character (as opposed to an "additional voice") in the Supa Strikas cartoon.

Watch the whole episode here.

This is a fun little project by Yosepi98 Productions that I got to work on. I do the voices for both Batman and Alfred.

I could have done the voice for Joker, too, but no one asked me. Oh well, I guess you can't do all of the voices all of the time.

This is another find from McSweeney's that I couldn't resist playing with. Full disclosure, had to pitch drop my voice a step or so to get the full-on feeling of the Void talking. Enjoy!

Once more, McSweeney's has provided me with a reason to commit my mouth-sounds to digital space. I know it seems like I'm doing a lot of political stuff here, but what the heck. I figured I'd get in one more before the election. With that in mind, I would like to present a stump speech from an underrepresented candidate who, I think, is certainly no worse than anyone else running. Words by Matt Baca. Sounds by yours truly.

Yet again, wandering around McSweeney's Internet Tendency led me to a piece I couldn't resist voicing. It, like the last one, is somewhat political, but unlike the last one, is clearly on the humorous end of the spectrum. Many thanks to the author, Brian Bennett, for permission to play with their creation. The music in the piece is John Philip Sousa's "Hail to the Spirit of Liberty", which seemed somehow fitting.

I stumbled across this piece on McSweeney's Internet Tendency. Produced with permission of the author, Kimberly Harrington. While it is a… somewhat political… work, I was so deeply moved by it that I couldn't not record it. Told from the perspective of a parent sending their children to school in a world where school may no longer be the safest place for a child to be. CONTENT WARNING: Contains references to school shootings.

This is the first part of an audiobook/podcast that I am working on in conjunction with Pelle Kjellqvist.

It's also available on iTunes here.

My entry in the - TGIFriday's Voiceover Challenge

My entry in the voiceover challenge.