New Personal Project Posted

I found this on McSweeney’s (where else do I find inspiration, people. I mean, really?!

It’s my take on the hell that is telephone interactive voice menus called “Please Listen Carefully, Because Our Menu Options Have Changed and Are Also a Hellish, Kafkaesque Experiment Developed to Test the Effects of Psychological Warfare” by David Rosow and Michael Ward, and you can listen to it here.

I’m Shivering With Antici…

Had a great session at DACAPO on Friday. I did some ADR for a super fun new character on Supa Strikas. It’s been six months since initial recording, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. This character is easily the most fun one I’ve had the opportunity to voice.

I love the animation industry, but the turnaround time from start to finish is… well… long.  

It was also an honour to have Bruce Legg, the show’s Producer, sit in on the session. He is, to put it in 70’s terms, one cool cat. It’s nice to get feedback from that far up the food-chain (especially when it’s the positive kind).

I will post links to the full episode once it’s released on YouTube. Stay tuned!